Online image editors

Image 1


Photo Taken by: Samsung Galaxy Note 6

PC Online Image Editor Platform: Canva

Description of effect: Festive filter makes the night view more enchanting (a little bit dark blue). I also increased the contrast in order to compensate the lost of resolution since I need to enlarge the picture a lot to fill in the 800 x 800 frame.The texts added were intended to create an effect of successful booking of an awesome night-view room from Expedia hotel booking, and thus to drive customers to book from The orange color of the texts also create call to action, which express a sense of urgency.


Image 2


Photo Taken By: Meitu M4

Mobile Image Editor Platform: Pixlr

Description of effect: Circular (makes a focused center and blurred the rest) to create a feeling of getting bored as well as blurred the “Camry” sign of the front car. Used Lucas filter to create a feeling of dull as well. Glow (30%) to make the photo look better.Temperature (under adjustment) +30 to provide a feeling of dysphoric. The texts added implicate there are more options by booking with Expedia, by making contrast of a jammed road and am empty road. The placement of the texts (on the empty road) also implicate the same idea. The green color implicates the idea of “clear to go” as well as a sense of relax. The family font also implicates travel, as it is most commonly seen on an airport board screen with departure and arriving information.